Child Health Topics


Immunization is one of the most effective strategies against childhood illness. Yet, despite designation as a national priority, the Healthy People 2020 goal of 90 percent compliance for all vaccines, with the exception of rotovirus (80 percent) and HepA (85 percent), remains unattainedExternal Link. Healthcare providers have been cited as key to achieving a higher overall immunization rate. This makes identifying successful interventions to support effective immunization delivery in private practices and clinics essential.

How We’re Helping

Through two projects, we have assisted primary care practices in improving their immunization delivery process.

Vaccine-specific coverage among children 19-35 months,
National Immunization Survey, 1994-2012

Figure Depicting Coverage with Individual Vaccines from the Inception of NIS, 1994-2012

Source: CDCExternal Link (Vaccine Coverage Rates & Data)